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Disease Data Analytics

Monitor and control Hospital and Healthcare Treatment Center capacity, resource utilization and Emergency Room visits. Customized analytics to help you win the battle against COVID-19 and other serious diseases today.                                                                                                                                       

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Dashboards As A Service

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Save between 5 - 30 days delivering Dashboards and critical business insights with our Dashboards As A Service solution for Tableau, PowerBI and Qlik

Planning, Performance Management

Actionable Analytics


ValQ empowers Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, HR and Procurement to instantly and visually identify, measure and optimize business performance.

Retail Analytics


Drive Sales and improve collaboration across the supply chain on our cloud based, end-to-end Retail Analytics platform for Retailers, CPGs and Distributors. 

Data Visualization
Data Lake & Data Warehouse
Design & Development
Data Preparation


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