Today more than ever organizations rely on data to drive business forward. Choosing the right technology platform is paramount to success in today's competitive business environment. Our solution engineering team works hand in hand with our clients to design and develop the platform that is the right fit for their business needs.  With extensive experience and expertise, we will guide you in choosing the right platform, incorporating the industry's leading high performance databases, visualization technologies, predictive analytics, machine learning, benchmarking, data governance and security model.


Data Orchestration

RBI solutions engineering team helps you to unlock the value in your data. Backed by decades of enterprise data management, industry expertise and extensive research and development, together we empower everyone across your business ecosystem to make better decisions, informed by secure, actionable and governed data.

Data Sources:

We've got experience working with data from virtually every type of data source out there including:

  • Relational Databases

  • High Performance Columnar Databases

  • Cloud Data Sources

  • JSON

  • Text

  • MS Excel

  • Unstructured Data

  • And many more


We'll help you construct ironclad, configurable data workflows - converting your data into a high-performing, actionable assets that support your business' needs.

Advanced Analytics

Develop Advanced Analytics capabilities that include everything that's needed to manage your business, identify and track opportunities for growth, predict costs, resource utilization and plan for the future. Our engineering team has the experience needed to design and develop complex data models, leverage market leading data visualization tools. We've built highly sophisticated, revenue generating analytics solutions that incorporate custom predictive analytics to support our customers along their journey to self-service.

Our business insights team is supported by healthcare and technology industry experts with diverse skillsets in R&D, Clinicians, Clinical Data Analysts, and Enterprise Data Warehouse Design & Development. What's more we boast more than 20 years of successful service delivery.

Sophisticated Visualizations:

Our in-house analysts boast many years of relevant industry experience working with industry leading visualization tools that enable you to better see and understand your data and to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

Data Modeling:

If your data is not modeled correctly, the results of your analytics efforts may not meet expectations. RBI's solution engineering team has designed enterprise data models for many customers in large, complex industry settings. This is the foundation for your platform, and should be built to handle, the complexity and scale that your business demands. 

Predictive Analytics:

Understanding historical trends in your data has proven to be useful, but being able to predict events or changes that can drive future growth has proven to be a bigger challenge. We've helped clients surmount some significant challenges in this area. Let's explore how we can help you too. The insights you gain from Predictive Analytics today are considered critical to you gaining a competitive advantage.

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Flexible Technology Deployment Options

Deploy to your own Private Cloud, On-premises, or a Hybrid approach, it's your choice.


Government regulations demand agility and scalability. Healthcare generates more data than any other industry and with the advent of interoperability requirements and patient access on-demand, the challenge has grown even bigger.


Every customer is different, we work with each client to offer a customizable approach, offering plug-n-play services that are tailored to your needs. With this in mind we serve the needs of:

  • Payers

  • Providers

  • Government Healthcare

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Research Organizations

  • Financial Services

  • Retail and Distribution