Disease Data Analytics

There’s no doubt we are in unprecedented times. Data is the key to understanding and defeating COVID-19. Organizations are struggling to understand the information that they may already now have in their possession and how to best use this data to put in place plans to tackle COVID-19 and better manage the increasing demand this is putting on healthcare resources.

How we help?

Understanding existing capacity, resource utilization and planning in the time of crisis is of the utmost importance to everyone in the healthcare . These are some of the ways that you can leverage our expertise today:  

  • Operational Analytics

  • Resource Utilization

  • Capacity Planning

  • Claims Analysis

  • Project Management

RBI can assist in rapidly building and delivering solutions that provide insight into the elements that impact your organizations' ability to operate and plan for smooth operations in normal times and in times of crisis. The following are examples of ways in which we help. 

Our solutions are fully customizable to your organization's individual needs.

ER Utilization

Your Emergency Rooms are likely suffering serious stress as a result of the unpredictable growth in COVID-19 cases. 

  • ER Utilization dashboard can be a great help giving fast insights into:

  • Identifying ER Visit Trends

  • Reason for Visit by Disease Category


  • Frequency of Visits by patient

  • Diagnosis codes by # of Visits and Medical Costs

Get a handle on Emergency Room Utilization 

Emergency Department (ED) Frequent Utili

30 Day Readmission Rates

Gain insights that generate improvements:

  • Improved physician scheduling savings

  • Length of stay (LOS) versus benchmarks

  • 30 day re-admission rates 

  • Improvement in Patient satisfaction scores

  • Gain insights into utilization at hospital to quickly identify areas for improvement

  • Understand Payor mix

  • Stay on top of Quality programs and metrics that impact your organization

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates

Healthcare PopHealth Readmissions Dashbo

Facility Capacity Planning

Understand the capacity and the bottlenecks in your network, see the relationship between each Hospital and the Post Acute Care facilities within a determined mileage radius of each Hospital:

  • Understanding Hospital(S) capacity - general beds, isolation beds, specialty beds (e.g. bariatric)


  • Insight into PACS facilities within determined radius of each Hospital


  • Line of sight into each PAC staffing, to assist in determining where send the patient for Post Acute care

Healthcare Facility Capacity Planning and Analysis

Census Dashboard.png