P3Health Analytics Data Platform
Traditional Data Warehouses and standalone Data Marts are no longer the right solution for the ever increasing complexity and broad range of data that makes up today's healthcare landscape. P3Health is healthcare analytics - rethought, and is designed with flexibility, adaptability, security and compliance in mind. Built on market leading technology and industry standards, V3Health meets today's reporting needs and lays a solid foundation for the future, leveraging the latest advances in Cloud based architectures, and data lake technologies. 
Next time there's a change from CMS or another regulatory entity, you can adopt quickly and with the assurance that your reporting is accurate and timely. P3Health does all the heavy lifting for you:
  • Synchronizes the interchange of critical data between every system in your Healthcare landscape 
  • Powered by a set of flexible, enterprise class data models, that can adapt as business and regulatory changes demand
  • Ensures data submissions, business insights and operations are in sync and accurate
  • Real-time and historical line of sight visibility for a complete perspective
  • Easily integrate 3rd Party systems to further improve strategic decision making
  • A single source of the truth for better, informed decision making 
Reporting Data Lake

P3Health includes a complete data model, that is designed to address reporting and analysis on Revenue, Quality, Clinical, Pharmacy and Lab data. The data that feeds our model comes from Claims, Encounters, Members, Enrollment and other supplemental data sources including EHR systems and more.

Adding and integrating additional data sources is easy, as our platform was designed to support data in every industry standard format. 

We also incorporate industry leading APIs to facilitate the real time exchange of data between P3Health and other internal and external systems.

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Why P3Health?


One fully Integrated analytics platform, a single version of the truth that delivers

advanced, sophisticated data analytics for:

  • Medical & Pharmacy Utilization

  • Provider Performance Management

  • Revenue Reporting

  • Risk Score Reporting

  • Quality Data Analytics

  • Clinical Data Analytics

  • Population Health Reporting


Pre-built data model that includes a huge number of industry standard KPIs. P3Health is built to the highest industry security standards and with connectivity to virtually any data source.

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Cloud Architecture
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P3Health's state of the art Cloud architecture gives you the flexibility that your business demands, meaning Health Plans, Public Health Agencies and Providers alike have the same, trusted data upon which, to make better business decisions.
Connect to and integrate data from any data source, including relational databases, flat files, Excel, and more.
Your choice of visualization tool. 

Benefits of P3Health

  • Includes a comprehensive set of Data Models, optimized for Reporting across important Healthcare business domains

  • Developed using the best cloud technology in the market, ensuring 24x7 availability, speed and support for large volumes of data

  • P3Health facilitates simplified data interchange and collaboration across your organization, business partners and external entities


  • Automation - schedule automatic data updates or in real-time

  • Security management, at multiple levels


  • Built-in data quality checks

  • Customize the standard data models to meet your business specific needs


  • Integration and support for Healthcare data formats and standards


  • Pre-built Healthcare KPIs that can be automatically included in custom reports

  • Support for any visualization tool, including PowerBI, Tableau , Qlik, SAS and many more

  • Mobile platform support (including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc)