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Refined BI was founded by visionary leaders who have held leadership roles in the Healthcare industry for over 25 years, leading transformative initiatives that delivered significant financial benefit and strategic advantage to our clients.


Over the course of time we have assembled a world class team, dedicated to helping our clients stay on top of ever evolving regulations and shrinking margins – that result from increasing costs across the care delivery system.

Leveraging leading analytics software platforms, and in depth knowledge of how healthcare works, we help companies solve complex business problems that yield short term wins and establish a foundation for the future.


Our approach is to help you by leveraging the software and infrastructure that you already own and to provide the best guidance for your more complex business needs.  


Today we are helping customers with basic and advanced analytics, sorting through all the hype around AI, ML and NLP and by identifying real-world use cases and prioritizing which initiatives are likely to yield the best results.


Clients depend on us, to help get their BI journey started, or to kick start a previously conceived plan.


RBI will be there to drive your vision and success forward.

Clients rely upon RefinedBI's extensive industry experience in healthcare analytics and our ability to deliver great value to their business, leveraging technologies from Microsoft and Tableau. 

Our data specialists understand exactly what elements are needed from your Core Claims, EHR, ERP and auxilliary systems to generate insights that create business value.


Our solution delivery is  guided by our Project Management Institute PMP certified Team for robustness  and quality  to ensure compliance with your  internal and Lean / Six Sigma requirements.


All curated and refined to present superior presentations and reports to the Executive Management team that ensure alignment to your company's strategic vision and goals..

Overcoming Challenges Together

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