G3Panel for Retail is a Cloud based, SaaS solution for Retail & CPG Data Analytics
  • Synchronizes decision making for everyone involved in the Retail Sales process 
  • CPG + Retail planners have line of sight visibility into real-time store data
  • Integrated inventory and 3rd Party data further improve strategic decision making
  • Guaranteed, always available and most recent  data 
  • A single source of the truth for better, informed decision making
Category Management is an important process for Retailers and CPGs alike and G3 Panel analytics plays an important role in the process, highlighting Category Performance so that you can make appropriate adjustments, informed by real-time data on demand. G3 Panel for Retail Analytics plays an important role in your Category Management process, in essence underpinning the Assessment, Measurement (Scorecard), Strategic and Tactical Planning aspects of the entire process.  

We've put together a short video that explains the principal challenges faced by Category Managers and the ways in which G3 Panel for CatMan addresses each.

The video also discusses important additional business benefits that our clients have seen after adopting our solution.

Why G3 Panel for Retail


In the highly competitive retail sector, big battles are fought over shelf space. With thousands  of products placed in dozens of retail outlets, Category Managers in the Consumer Product  Goods (CPG) and Retail need every advantage they can get to position their brands for growth. 

G3 Panel for Retail® is a complete Cloud-based SaaS solution that gives Category  Managers the edge they need by combining advanced analytics, diverse data sources and powerful data visualization to provide deep market insights that drives better business results.

Click through the slideshow to view samples of the analysis that come out of the box with the G3 Panel for Retail. Additional customizations can also be done.

Gain business insights like never before - informed by your own data
Cloud Architecture
Our Cloud architecture gives you the flexibility that your business demands, meaning Retailer and CPG alike have the same, trusted data upon which to make better business decisions

Benefits of G3 Panel for Retail

  • Drives increased Sales revenue

  • Developed using the best cloud technology in the market, ensuring 24x7 availability, speed and support for large volumes of data

  • Built on market leading database technology (RDBMS)

  • CatMan web Portal facilitates Enterprise Collaboration between the Retailer and CPG


  • Security management, at multiple levels


  • Built-in data quality checks

  • Manages unlimited segmentation trees for products, stores, time, organized by  segment, brand, country, stores, format, month , day,  week ...


  • Integration from multiple data sources related with Scan Data


  • Creation and personalization of variables at the user level


  • 80 – 20 Analysis ( balanced x 2 additional ranges )


  • Exception analysis (condition, ranges, …)


  • Mobile platform support (including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc)

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