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Tableau Design & Development

Take advantage of our consultant's industry and technical know how to accelerate the adoption of Tableau throughout your organization. We offer mentoring engagements where we can do a build for you or work alongside your team to achieve the results that you need. Our consultants leverage the Tableau Drive methodology that is proven to deliver, quality, impactful business results in the fastest possible manner.


Best Practices


Understanding the best, most appropriate visualizations for the business challenge at hand is a skill that's learned through years of consulting work. Creating dashboards that perform well and don't place a drag on your existing systems is paramount to acceptance and also greatly improves the chances for broader adoption across your organization. Our team works alongside yours to create visually stunning designs while optimizing  performance.


Advanced Analytics


Get better insight into your data, faster than ever before. Help your business users to ask the right questions, through analytics that keep allow them to stay in their workflow, uncovering business value in the data they use every day. At RBI we help clients leverage the latest in Advanced analytics such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing. If your needs include more advanced analytics using tools like R, we are here to help, especially when it comes to integrating these tools and techniques into Tableau.


Tableau Prep

Many companies struggle with poor or less than optimal data quality. Tableau Prep is a powerful, integral component of your Tableau solution. We offer hands-on workshops that makes understanding data profiling, cleansing, joins, and preparation a snap. Our team comes backed by years of experience designing and developing Data Marts and Data Warehouses, and can provide just the right guidance you need to get the most out of Tableau.


Server Performance

Optimal Dashboard performance is key to the success of your Tableau projects. Our platform architects are trained to understand the foundational principles for a properly configured Tableau environment and to provide guidance on the things that can have the biggest impact on Dashboard performance.

Rely upon us to assist in sizing and configuring your Tableau Server environment. We help you understand the pros and cons of Live connections vs Extract among other considerations that can impact performance


Architecture & Security

Our team can guide you whether you are deploying Tableau in the Cloud or On-premises. We follow strict Tableau playbook to ensure your solution is properly architected.

We help you implement the toughest security and controls to help you achieve your business goals and comply with corporate policies and procedures.


Achieve all your business objectives quickly by leveraging our years of experience and knowledge of best practices in Tableau and BI.


Our team works side by side with yours solving analytical challenges, offering an experienced set of eyes to guide you through every step of the build and adoption process.

Performance Enhancement

When your dashboards or vizes aren't performing as expected you can trust that we'll have your back. Our consultants offer best practices, tips, and deep knowledge of the Tableau platform to ensure that your Tableau environment runs in an optimal way.

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