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Time is money

InteSource’ innovative turnkey approach to sourcing – an enterprise-wide, unlimited, full service eSourcing package – creates instant confidence that you are getting the best value, every time.

For more than nineteen years, Intesource has extended in-house buyer expertise for both direct and indirect spend – even for the most unconventional reverse auction projects. The process drives operational efficiencies and additional value – freeing up your staff’s time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

This is why we do the heavy lifting for you

The result is that you run more sourcing events, in less time, while saving more money without having to hire additional personnel, build a team or learn a new technology.

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Managed Sourcing Service: quick facts

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Buyer' Guide

Learn more about how to build an exceptional eSourcing program using Managed Sourcing Services.

10 critical considerations for selecting the right eSourcing partner for your business.


Sourcing and procurement professionals face enormous pressure to deliver, but face a number of challenges to effective sourcing projects:

Resource limitations


Inflexible technology

You already have a great team running strategic sourcing events, but they just can’t get to every possible category. You’re getting to the low hanging fruit, but not the rest. If you’ve got the events, just not enough time to run them all, working with experts that can become an extension of your team will allow you to improve your results.

You’ve probably got a team of talented category managers and procurement professionals - but do you have people who specialize in identifying categories, creating effective eSourcing strategies, identifying additional qualified vendors, and building and managing online sourcing events? Offloading work-intensive projects or deferring to a dedicated eSourcing account manager – e.g. to run that HR Services event you’ve never tackled before – can be a huge weight off your team

There’s a very good chance you’ve found your hands tied due to limitations of your existing sourcing tool itself. Many reverse auction tools for example are simply not designed to handle complex categories. Within those complex categories, you’ll find some of your biggest savings. Supplement your existing solution with a full-service sourcing solution. All you do is provide the basic category information –your partner handles the rest.

With Intesource you can:

  • Immediate savings from greater capacity for sourcing.

  • Plan and execute online sourcing events with minimal fuss.

  • Consolidate purchase categories, and ensure best value with every purchase.

  • Free up your team from the tactical time-consuming sourcing activities to focus on other key initiatives.

  • Increase overall value – savings and quality of the goods and services you buy.

  • Ensure a broader, more rationalized supplier base.

  • Improve supplier management policy compliance and transparency.

  • Benefit from the right online environment and well-orchestrated events.


Potbelly Sandwich Works, uses InteSource Services to uncover value across its sourcing processes

Case Studies

Rite Aid achieves $25M in sourcing savings

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