ValQ for Analysts


As an Analyst, you have always relied on spreadsheets & specialty applications to model your scenarios. However, while communicating the results of these models to executives, you had to rely on summarizing and leveraging other mediums like emails & presentations, for your executives often found these models harder to comprehend or play around with.

With ValQ, you can excite your executives by infusing life into your models in a visually intuitive and engaging manner. Your executives and decision-makers can now play around with your models, create additional simulations & scenarios instantly.

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ValQ Helps

Work with your own Data

Bring your own data and visualize scenarios on-the-fly

Impact of variables on Outcomes

Analyze how several variables influence your outcomes

Perform What-if Analysis

Perform what-if simulations by capturing changes

Multiple Scenario Analysis

Create & compare several scenarios effortlessly

ValQ for Analysts


Business Modeling


Sensitivity & Scenario Analysis




What-if Analysis