ValQ for Decision Makers


As a decision-maker, you often need to rely on data to drive effective decisions. However, achieving the right results depends on a variety of factors – internal & external – each of which is subject to constant change.

With ValQ‘s rich and intuitive interface, you can instantaneously understand the relationship between key business drivers and outcomes. As these factors undergo changes, you can quickly model them into your scenarios on-the-fly, without having to rely on analysts or IT.

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ValQ Helps

Visualize Outcomes

Visualize your business scenarios, variables and outcomes

Visual Simulations

Visually simulate impact on changes to business drivers on key outcomes

Goals & Targets Tracking

Continuously track your organization’s performance against goals

Productivity and Growth

Instantly visualize and optimize your decisions for productivity & growth

ValQ for Decision Makers

Strategic Planning

Sensitivity & Scenario Analysis

Planning & Forecasting

Performance Management

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