ValQ for Finance


Imagine a planning & budgeting process that is faster and more efficient at the same time. Something that your FP&A teams and departmental stakeholders can easily visualize so that they can:

  • Drive planning iterations with velocity

  • Focus on the right things rather than wasting time on granular details

  • Successfully drive initiatives like zero-based budgeting (ZBB), and more

Unlike traditional planning tools & platforms, ValQ is available as an independent plugin that requires no additional IT support & infrastructure. You can bring your own data & visualize your financial position & performance on the fly.

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ValQ Helps

Planning Approach

Complement your bottom-up planning with a solid top-down planning approach.

Accelerated Planning

Reduce the number of planning iterations and accelerate budgeting process.

Better Forecasting

Perform periodic re-forecasting & variance analyses with velocity.



Drive opportunities for efficiency & cost savings, and identify the best action plan.

ValQ for FP&A

Capital Assets Planning

Financial Ratio Analysis

Finance Modeling

Periodic Reforecasting


Operational Expense Planning


Variance Analysis

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